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Wireless Intercom support 4G+wifi+RJ45 Tuya App connection
Source: | Author:Ofela Xie | Date: 2023-03-29 | 95 Views | Share:

We are about to release a new product, 4G+Wifi+RJ45 Tuya App Connect Function. It has below features:

1. Through the 4G mobile phone card, you can make calls to the resident's mobile phone/fixed line telephone, answer calls, intercom, and unlock the door.

2. Connect the GJ45 network cable, dial the resident APP, realize video intercom, unlock and monitor. (Use Tuya APP)

3. Through the fixed-line telephone network (telephone line), you can make calls to resident mobile phones/fixed-line telephones, answer calls, intercom, and unlock the door.

4.5-inch TFT industrial control screen, high-definition display, clearly visible under strong light.

5. Friendly menu interface, one-click direct access.

6. Unique list query function, a quickly call the target residents.

7. Multiple door opening methods optional (password, APP, phone call)

8. Multi-door control linkage function.

9. All functions can be remotely set and modified by software.

10. Real-time alarm output of key functions to the platform (such as fire, illegal intrusion, etc.)

11. Convenient and fast remote upgrade method.

12. There is a one-key management function for distributors.

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