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[New products]Auto egg incubator &Led Egg Candler
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Recently, our company has launched two new products.

About the Auto egg incubator.The incubator can hatch a variety of eggs, such as chicken eggs, , Quail eggs, pheasant eggs, guinea fowl, owl eggs, etc. Our incubator can

accommodate 9-12 eggs depending on the eggs size and breed. There is a

LED display which is used to showing and setting the temperature. It has an

automatic turning system that turns eggs slowly and automatically. (note: It is

invisible to see the turner work, but it did turn and work, And you don't need

to turn the eggs manually.)

This simple and reliable egg incubator is the fun for the family and household

that wants to start incubating chickens and geese. The easy design and

functions allow kids to learn the basics of incubating eggs.

Another is LED Egg Candler.This product best for use in dark environments.Identification of infertile or "dead in the shell" egg.Beautiful appearance and favorable price.It have 4 LED display the battery capacity.This product has been welcome by customers all over the world before it was officially sold. 

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